Awesome Con 2015 Part 1



This weekend, Valkyrie Squadron’s reboot made its debut at Awesome Con 2015. Especially after the panels I did for which covered Diversity in Comics and Creating Strong Female Characters, the con was a great success for introducing the new Valkyrie Squadron to a whole new audience.

Odds are pretty good that if you’re here, you’re probably coming in from Awesome Con. If so, welcome! If not, welcome back. You’ve probably been waiting for me to start making announcements on the return of Valkyrie Squadron’s updates. I’m in the process right now of setting up the mailing list for those of you who’d like updates on the progress of chapter completions (because then they go to print), and the upcoming Patreon to help support Valkyrie Squadron and get you lots of fun goodies. If you’d like to be on the mailing list, I’ll have a form available on the site shortly to help you sign up. In the mean time, sit back, hang tight and stay tuned for more announcements. Thanks again for making Awesome Con such a great success!

More on the Valkyrie Squadron Reboot

I know. Nobody likes reboots. They’re no fun, but hear me out.

When I started Valkyrie Squadron in 2011, I didn’t have the skills I have now in terms of storytelling, character development, and overall draftsmanship. As a result of that and poor story planning, Valkyrie landed into a ditch. Other creators would pull the plug on such a project, but I still believe in this thing. It deserves a second chance from a bigger, badder Jules, and thankfully, I’m here.

I’ve begun to populate my Twitter, Instagram and Valkyrie Facebook page with artwork from the reboot and I’ve been getting a really positive response. More than that, I’ve begun to feel invigorated by this project again for the first time in a longer time than I would like to admit. Due to my freelance schedule, progress is still going to take a while on the preproduction, but I’ll happily post updates here and on all related Valkyrie Social Media. This is a very exciting time.


I recently did an interview on TGT Media going over this and the updates in my career trajectory in general. Lots of great stuff on the horizon, guys.

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for the incoming art updates!