Designing the Integration

Integration Sketches

When it comes to doing a sci fi story, you have to design EVERYTHING. When I first set about this mad cap scheme of doing this comic, I had no idea how much product/vehicle/set design I was in for. This is not to say I would’ve backed down if I had known. I think my track record speaks for itself when it comes to meeting artistic challenges (i.e. I punch them in the face until they bend to my whim). However, the demand for concept art in a science fiction story never, ever stops.
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The Worst Speedpaint Ever…

…is still better than no planning at all.

So let’s talk about the colors of this page. I think you guys have figured out by now that I take my coloring very seriously in this comic. The atmosphere I wanted to establish in this particular scene was somewhere between inside a glacier and the freaky meetings with Seele in Evangelion. I did this speed paint color test to see if I can at least capture the mood of what I was aiming for…


Yeah, I’m not the greatest speed painter, but it gets the point across. In the final coloring, I ended up toning down the blues as the high saturation conflicted with the characters onscreen. Also, I ended up futzing with the placement of the reds on screen to back the galaxy alliance logo behind the commander. Green was too…wussy? Red pops better.

And that’s just a little bit about the coloring process.