Designing the Integration

When it comes to doing a sci fi story, you have to design EVERYTHING. When I first set about this mad cap scheme of doing this comic, I had no idea how much product/vehicle/set design I was in for. This is not to say I would’ve backed down if I had known. I think my track record speaks for itself when it comes to meeting artistic challenges (i.e. I punch them in the face until they bend to my whim). However, the demand for concept art in a science fiction story never, ever stops.

There is something to be said for doing slice of life comics where everything in the modern world has already been designed for you by much more capable industrial designers.

Anyway, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted the Integration to look like when I first wrote it into the script. I just knew it was going to be a passenger shuttle with a couple of floors. That’s about it. So, when it came time for the Integration to make its debut, I had to come up with a design that didn’t suck.

A good piece of advice I received recently: If you’re sketching for design, don’t make one sketch. Make ten. Sketches aren’t sacred (No, seriously, write that down. That’s a good one.)


So I sketched a bunch of ideas for the Integration’s look. It didn’t matter if they were good, as long as they were different from one another in some way. This is a good way to generate ideas because you’re not editing as you go along. You just put out a bunch of sketches and whatever works, works.

If I were a cooler artist, I’d do a herd of value studies and iterations on the chosen design, but I’m just a stupid kid with a webcomic. This sketch was all right by me.

Besides, I’ve always got interiors to cover in this damnable thing. Concept design. Gotta love it.

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